About US


We are a group of young people: artists, improvisers, musicians, directors, singers and comics at the very beginning of our careers. We are united in the bold aim of wanting to transform not only the stories told on stage, but crucially the way they are told.


We believe that modern theatre heavily relies on the black box/ proscenium arch approach: placing the audience in a darkened room and allow themselves to be transported by the story created. In the age of technology, where every wonder ever imagined can be supplied by the click of a button, the marvels of the stage are not so impressive. Not only that but the dependence on expensive spaces has fueled commerciality and the rise of ticket prices, meaning mainstream theatre is getting ever more selective and available to only the very few.


Our solution is to reconnect to the here and now. Like the Troubadours of old we evaluate our surroundings and tailor our story within these confines and to this audience. We create a stage in any space and aim for a marriage of environment and text that complements both equally. 

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